Day 42: Are you encouraging self-sufficiency?

“You’re trying to focus on a project when one of your direct reports messages you, asking where to find a piece of information they need to do their job. You respond by sending them a resource and then try to turn back to your own project. A few minutes later, another one of your team members […]

Day 41: Are you encouraging reflective practices?

In 3 habits that will boost your creativity, Raj Jana (INc, 14 May 2020) cites Priotize Reflection as one: “Without reflection, there can be no growth. To create, you must reflect on what you consume. Curiosity is often the source of invention, so be constantly curious about everything around you. Question why things work and why […]

Day 40: What are your new L&D priorities?

In Five alternative challenges for Learning and Development leaders (30 June 2020) Paul Jocelyn asks “What if “moving the curriculum online” wasn’t the real challenge at all?…” Paul describes 5 alternative L&D challenges in this new world of work and learning: Leading with new confidence Connecting to a new work context Developing a new, ambitious narrative […]

Day 39: Do you encourage professional networking?

In Build a Network — Even When You Don’t Think You Need One (HBR, 25 Feb 2020), Dories Clark writes “There are plenty of reasons professionals don’t network enough. We’re all busy. Some have stressful family obligations. Others are introverts who don’t take to the process naturally. Of course, you can find time-efficient ways to connect with […]

Day 38: The future of work is now; are you ready for it?

In an excellent interview with my Internet Time Alliance colleague, Harold Jarche, The Future of Work is Now, Harold talks a lot about his work, but reiterates this important point. “So that is it — help people to develop the skills they need to be self directed learners, and then in the organization reduce the barriers […]

Day 37: What online learning platforms do you offer?

A recent Microsoft blog post (1 July 202) Skilling for the future: New investments in Microsoft Learn states “At Microsoft, we’re building a “learn it all” culture where we aim to embrace curiosity, focus on being resourceful, and take our learnings and apply them for future success. In that light, learning is more important than ever, […]

Day 36: Are you re-setting your L&D business model?

“The ‘new normal’ for L&D cannot just be making the pandemic-induced shift from classroom training to online training a permanent fixture. For the profession to become business-relevant the transformation must go deeper, argues Charles Jennings, Partner Strategy and Performance at Tulser and co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute.” In How can L&D embrace business-aligned learning in difficult times? (TrainingZone […]

Day 35: Is VR the learning tool of the 21st century?

In Virtual Reality Is the Learning Tool of the 21st Century  Little Black Book says that with many people still experiencing the classroom digitally and with ‘Zoom fatigue’ setting in, virtual reality could be the solution … “The ongoing disruption to the global education system caused by Covid-19 has been profound with far-reaching implications. Whilst video […]

Day 34: Do you run learning challenges?

“At its core, the #BeYourBest Self-Optimisation Journey is 100 days of personal growth via essential knowledge on how to do life in an optimal, healthy and fulfilling way. If you have a mobile phone, a little cash, 5-10mins a day, and a strong desire to #BeYourBest, you are fully equipped to benefit from this unique and transformative […]

Day 33: Are you building content curation skills?

Digital content curation is one of a number of modern learning skills that are required to learn effectively in the modern workplace. In his article, Helping students develop digital content curation skills, Brad Garner explains. “In our 24/7, always-connected world where we are inundated with information from all sides, the ability to identify quality resources to […]