Day 5: Create step-by-step instructions

“Instructables is a platform for you to share what you make through words, photos, video and files. From a one step recipe to a 100 step jet engine build, everyone has something to share.” Instructables focuses on sharing inductions for craft, cooking and living projects, but the principle behind the site is easy as this […]

Day 4: Adapt to the new normal

We are seeing unprecedented shifts in the way that we work, educate and travel. But what changes will become permanent and are we now experiencing the new normal? An article in Wired Magazine, What will Covid-19 mean for how we work, educate and travel? takes a look: “Some companies have historically been reluctant to let their employees […]

Day 3: Promote a growth mindset

In The Growth Mindset: Spurring A More Skilled, Engaged And Innovative Workforce, Tracey Kemp explains how having a growth mindset is now more important than ever “In this era of digital disruption and constant change, uncertainty comes with the territory. Adopting a growth mindset can ease ambiguity by focusing on learning and improving. By challenging […]

Day 2: Avoid Zoom fatigue

Lockdown has meant more and more meetings have gone virtual – and that includes training too. The only trouble is it has now led to Zoom fatigue. Why is this so exhausting? Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy explain why in How to Combat Zoom Fatigue. “In part, it’s because they force us to focus more intently […]

Day 1: Leading learning

In an influential post, The best leaders are constant learners, in the Harvard Business Review, Harold Jarche and Kenneth Mikkelson pointed out that continuous learning is as important for managers as it is for their people – and this goes for L&D too “As we attempt to transition into a networked creative economy, we need leaders who […]