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There are 4 online workshops available.

  • Each Workshop supplements one section of the MWL 2022 resource. If you don’t already have access to the online resource/PDF you can purchase it below.
  • Each Workshop is is available on-demand so that you can work on it in your own time whenever it suits you – there is no fixed schedule or deadlines!
  • Each Workshop comprises 5 or 10 Units. Each Unit consists of a reading from the MWL 2022 online resource plus a work-based task, the results of which you share with others participating in that Workshop.
  • Each Workshop is supported by Jane Hart.
  • If you complete all the tasks in a Workshop, you will receive a Modern Workplace Leaning Practitioner Certificate of Achievement.
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Although L&D departments have traditionally focused on training people to do their jobs, research tells us that most of what employees learn at work happens as they do their job – it’s just that they are not aware of it or make the most of it.  So, in this Workshop we look at how to work with managers and their team to help them get the most out of – and learn from – their daily working experiences. Social learning is not a new training trend; it’s the way we have always learned from one another. However, it is something that managers and individuals will need to value as an integral part of their daily work. In this managers we will look at how to work with both managers and their teams to build a knowledge sharing culture, as well as facilitate and support social learning in different ways across the organisation. Continuous learning and development in the workplace is much more than continuous training. Whilst it is up to everyone to become a lifelong learner and keep up to date with what’s happening in their industry or profession to remain employable, it’s also up to L&D departments to help individuals develop the new skills of independent continuous learning. In this managers we will look at how you can promote, enable and support continuous, self-learning and self-development in the workplace. Modern training is not just about digitising current training events but thinking differently about what is appropriate for today’s workforce. In this managers we look at how to address the issues with current training and then consider some of the principles of modern content design and modern social approaches to learning, as well as how to put all the pieces of the learning and development jigsaw together.
  1. Fostering the modern worker
  2. Inspiring the modern manager
  3. Encouraging reflective practices
  4. Supporting performance needs on the job
  5. Making the most of digital tools and technologies.
  1. The importance of social learning and knowledge sharing in the workplace
  2. Helping teams share effectively
  3. Supporting team building and learning
  4. Setting up Communities of Practice
  5. Coordinating informal social learning activities across the organisation
  1. The case for continuous self-learning at work
  2. Establishing a daily self-learning habit
  3. Building modern learning skills
  4. Supporting other self-development approaches
  5. Adopting a formal process of self-development
  1. Designing effective training: when is it the right solution to a problem?
  2. From courses to resources
  3. From content to activities
  4. From courses to micro-learnng
  5. From creation to curation
  6. From classroom to live virtual training
  7. From lonely learning to social learning
  8. From experiential to immersive learning
  9. From blended learning to hybrid learning
  10. From using an LMS to a Digital Learning Hub


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Online Workshops