This is the first FREE section of the MWL 2022 resource.You can purchase access to the full resource HERE.

In the last 18 months the world of work has changed and it is not clear to what extent things will return to the way they were before, in particular whether remote working will become the new normal for organisations, but it has certainly speeded up digitisation out of sheer necessity. By the end of 2021 most businesses expect 50% of staff to return to the office, so it is likely that remote training will still need to take place. However, it does provide organisations with a great opportunity to re-think their whole approach to learning and development, and for L&D teams their role in the organisation – in particular how organisations can offer a more holistic approach to organisational learning.

In this free INTRODUCTORY section of the MWL 2021 resource we will consider how people are learning today and what this tells us about how can offer a a new approach to learning at work – that I call Modern Workplace Learning – and what it means in practice. You can purchase access to the other 25 sections here.


The 4 D’s of Learning

Last updated: February 19, 2022 at 13:36 pm