What workplace learning currently looks like

If we apply the 4 D’s model of learning to the Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning 2019 (WPL100) list we can see which tools are being used to support modern learning in the workplace.

  1. DIDACTICS – The vast majority of tools on the list are still focused around directed (or formal) learning in its broadest sense, ie designing delivering and managing things for people to learn. Whilst course authoring tools still dominate, there is now a wide range of other asset development tools in use, from the sophisticated Adobe stable to basic documentation and presentation tools  to create simpler types of resources. Some organisations are also now providing libraries of external online courses for their people. A number of learning platforms appear on this year’s WPL100 list too, but these vary from the traditional LMS to learning experience platforms (LXPs) that offer a personalised learning experience.  But significantly, there is also evidence that hosting of content is now taking place outside of the LMS where it is more easily accessible, e.g. on the intranet.
  2. DISCOVERY  – When it comes to informal learning, only a few web specific resources appear on the list, rather there seems to be more interest in implementing curation platforms to automate this process for employees (rather than encouraging their own self-discovery to solve problems and themselves keep up to date).
  3. DISCOURSE – Social learning and collaboration has become much more valued in recent years as a way of learning, and this year a large number of team collaboration platforms appear on the list.
  4. DOING (THE DAY JOB) – In the workplace, the Microsoft ecosystem  has now taken a firm hold and offers a complete platform to support daily work and learning. Learning and working are beginning to be seen as inseparable partners.

But which of these ways of learning at work do individuals most value? Didactics/Directed Learning, Discovery, Discourse or Doing?

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Last updated: April 27, 2020 at 9:08 am