Modern Workplace Learning Technology

Traditionally, so-called “learning technologies” have underpinned the formal, training approach to learning. in particular a Learning Management System has been seen as the hub of enterprise learning. But, in the modern workplace, an individual will make use of a variety of platforms and tools  for their continuous learning and development, as shown on the image below.

In fact, if we consider the inter-connectedness of the 4 D’s of Learning in the workplace, what becomes clear is that there is a need for a mind shift in understanding the technology that supports workplace learning.
At the heart of workplace learning is not an LMS or other learning platform but a social and collaboration platform, like Microsoft Teams of Slack, which integrates with other tools.  Whereas Microsoft now has its own workplace ecosystem with Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, One Note, Office and so on, Slack integrates with many other 3rd party technologies. This means that enterprise work platforms should be used as much as possible to host and support workplace learning initiatives rather than dedicated learning platforms. This way learning is truly integrated within work.

So one of the questions asked is, do you need an LMS in the modern workplace?

⇒   Do you need an LMS in the modern workplace?

Last updated: June 9, 2020 at 15:42 pm