MWL 2020: What you will find in the full resource

Here is the Table of Contents. Part 1 is structured according to the 4 D’s of Learning, whilst Part 2 presents initiatives to promote and support the 4 D’s of Learning You can see how they map onto Part 1 below.  Click here to purchase access to the whole resource and PDF or to buy the paperback.


  1. Understand Modern Workplace Learning ⇐ YOU ARE HERE
Part A: The 4 D’s of Learning: Part B: Initiatives to promote and support the 4 D’s of Learning
DIDACTICS (Formal Learning) – Being taught
  1. Re-think training in the modern workplace
  1. Design modern approaches to the classroom
  2. Run live virtual training
  3. Create modern content
DISCOVERY (Informal Learning) – Finding things out for oneself
  1. Foster learning agility/learnability
  2. Promote a daily self-learning habit
  3. Build modern learning skills
  4. Adopt a formal process of continuous self-development
  1. Curate content from the Web
  2. Offer daily micro-training
  3. Run a learning campaign
DOING (Experiential Learning) – Learning from the work
  1. Inspire modern managers
  2. Assist managers with on the job development
  3. Help individuals get more out of their daily work experiences
  4. Encourage reflective practices
  5. Support informal mentoring
  1. Design on-the-job learning activities
  2. Use immersive learning technologies
DISCOURSE (Social Learning) – Interacting with others
  1. Help managers understand social learning
  2. Help teams share and learn from one another
  3. Set up and run Communities of Practice
  4. Facilitate team building
  1. Guide social learning experiences
  2. Curate and coordinate an events calendar