Workshop Programme

There are 4 online workshops in the MWL series, here are the next lot of dates for 2021/22.

LEARNING FROM THE DAILY WORK 5 weeks 25  October – 26 November 2021 £99
SOCIAL & COLLABORATIVE LEARNING AT WORK 5 weeks 17 January- 18 February 2022 £99
EMPOWERING SELF-DEVELOPMENT AT WORK 5 weeks 7 March – 8 April 2022 £99
MODERN TRAINING PRACTICES 5 weeks 18 April – 20 May 2022 £99

Although each of these workshops is free-standing, they are inextricably linked, so if you attend all 4 workshops and successfully complete all the weekly tasks you will be awarded the Modern Workplace Learning Practitioner Programme certificate.

About the workshops

The online workshops are hosted in a private group space here and are facilitated by Jane Hart. They consist of weekly readings and practical tasks where you share your work with the cohort in a group space. There are no synchronous activities, so you decide when you do the work and interact with the group, and fit the work into your working life. The workshops are therefore suitable for any timezone. Note: these online workshop are not traditional courses, they are as much about interacting with and learning from other people. The work commitment is about a couple of hours a week. Access to the MWL 2021 online resource is including in the fee.