Make a course or resource library available for on demand use

As we have seen from the results of the Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning, making available a course or resource library for on demand use, is now becoming quite popular.

The most popular platforms in use are

  • LinkedIn Learning (aka Lynda) – which provides a range of courses for new skill development and old skill improvement
  • Coursera  – The world’s best online courses, for free
  • Udemy  – Platform/marketplace for online learning 
  • MindTools – resources to help you learn more than 2800 management, leadership and personal effectiveness skills.

However, just providing a course library isn’t going to be enough on its own. Whilst some individuals may spend time taking a look at what’s on offer, others will need help in understanding some of the specific courses or resources that are relevant to them. So you can provide some real and extra value to the platform by curating useful resources from the library perhaps together with other external resources of value too.

On the next page we’ll look more at curation and an effective curation process.

Curate course and resources