Modern Workplace Learning 2020 is available as (1) online & PDF versions OR (2) a paperback (see below)


The online version is a web resource containing colour images as well as other embedded content like videos. There is also a PDF that can be downloaded for your personal use, The online resource and PDF are updated frequently, so you will also be able to download any subsequent PDFs as they become available. Purchase of the online version also includes access to the MWL Community.

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The paperback version was published on 9 March 2020. It has 228 pages and is printed in BLACK AND WHITE, i.e. no colour images. This book contains links to hundreds of useful and relevant tools and resources. (Please note purchase of the paperback does not give you access to the online version.)


The paperback is available direct from Lulu Press, where it will be printed on demand and shipped to your address. There are discounts for bulk purchase.


Note this version of MWL 2020 was published before the current re-structuring of the content, so here is the Table of Contents you will find in it.


1 – Introduction to Modern Workplace Learning
2 – The modern manager
3 – The modern worker
Enable continuous self-learning and self-development
4 – Encourage a daily self-learning habit
5 – Adopt a formal process of continuous self-development
Support learning from the daily work 
6 – Encourage reflective practices
7 – Support social learning and collaboration
8 – Help managers with on the job development
Provide modern content and training
9 – Create flexible resources for on demand use
10 – Offer opportunities for continuous learning
11 – Design modern approaches to classroom training
Solve performance problems at work   
12 – Facilitate problem solving