“National lockdowns that have taken place due to the coronavirus have meant that the workplace has changed. It is not clear to what extent things will return to the way they were.  In 2021 businesses expect around 40-50% of staff to return to the office, so it is likely that remote training will still need to take place.

However, it does provide organisations with a great opportunity to adopt a new approach to organisational learning, that I call Modern Workplace Learning (MWL).”  Jane Hart

MWL 2021 is currently being re-structured and updated with some new material
but you can still PURCHASE ACCESS to the online version and the PDF.

  1. The modern worker
  2. The modern manager
  3. Reflective practices
  4. Learning in the flow of work
  5. Tools for learning from and at work
  1. Effective training
  2. From courses to resources
  3. From classroom to virtual training
  4. From one-off training to continuous learning
  5. From creation to curation
Social & collaborative learning AT WORK SELF-LEARNING & SELF-DEVELOPMENT
  1. The case for a knowledge sharing culture 
  2. Effective knowledge sharing
  3. Guided social learning
  4. Communities of practice
  5. Informal social learning events
  1. The case for continuous self-development
  2. Daily learning
  3. Modern learning skills
  4. A formal process of self-development
  5. Inspiring self-development

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