Day 18: Support virtual team building

“What is virtual team building?

It’s just like regular team building, except you’re not in the same physical space. In a virtual team building activity, each team member is on their computer, and the team interacts using an internet-connected tool: chat, video conference, etc. Many traditional team-building exercises such as icebreakers and even team lunches can be adapted to accommodate remote workers or all-remote teams.”

In 12 road-tested team building activities that work for real-life remote teams Sarah Goff-Dupont-Atlassian explains how these exercises are key because understanding each other on a personal level means we can communicate more effectively and have an easier time distributing roles and responsibilities across the team.

Team building is often seen as the responsibility of the manager concerned, so how can you help them with this work without taking over the show and turning it into a training event?

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What can you collectively do to support virtual team building in your own organisation?

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