Day 19: Use Augmented Reality to modernise training

“Skilled frontline employees are essential to a successful industrial enterprise. Their collective knowledge and hands-on experience are key differentiators when it comes to outperforming global competition. Today’s companies are investing in upskilling their workforces accordingly, but more training doesn’t necessarily translate to more expertise across the enterprise. Many employees are leaving their company after just a few years and taking those recently acquired skills out the door with them, causing companies to onboard new, untrained people as a result.

This revolving door of frontline employees is forcing businesses to modernize their training strategies with faster, innovative approaches to learning. As a visual medium that combines digital information with physical world context, augmented reality is quickly proving its value as a workforce training technology.”

Greg Kaminsky shows 3 Ways Augmented Reality Is Modernizing Employee Training:

  1. Offering on-demand training curriculum
  2. Delivering real-time experiential learning
  3. Utilizing SMEs for remote assistance and knowledge capture

Have you considered using Augmented Reality (AR) to modernise your training in one of the 3 ways above? Which of the three ways described would bring your organisation the most value?

SHARE your thoughts with your team.
What can you collectively do to adopt AR in your own organisation?

FIND OUT more about the use of Augmented Reality as an immersive learning technology in the MWL 2020 resource. [Note: to view this content, you will need to purchase access to MWL 2020]