Day 35: Is VR the learning tool of the 21st century?

In Virtual Reality Is the Learning Tool of the 21st Century  Little Black Book says that with many people still experiencing the classroom digitally and with ‘Zoom fatigue’ setting in, virtual reality could be the solution …

“The ongoing disruption to the global education system caused by Covid-19 has been profound with far-reaching implications. Whilst video platforms are being used to replace classroom learning, they are not providing the same tactile, engaging experience. Further technological transformation is needed to improve the effectiveness of education and the ability to cope with another pandemic …

Whilst traditional eLearning happens through a 2D screen, VR learning allows students to interact with objects and people in the same virtual space, as they would in the real world. In addition, students can be safely exposed to things that might not be possible in real life. For example, a student learning chemistry can experiment with chemicals without the fear of dangerous exposure or causing an actual explosion.

Do you think Virtual Reality (VR) will be the future for training in your organisation? What are the pros and cons? What’s holding you back?

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