Day 11: Get rid of slide presentations

PowerPoint is ubiquitous! In fact it was the Top Tool for Workplace Learning in 2019. But in a Fast Company article, 5 reasons slide presentations suck today more than ever, Judith Humphrey says that in an era of endless virtual meetings, it’s time to (finally) say goodbye to the tired slideshow presentation.

“Slides have always been a cop-out.

When you speak, you are the best visual. You have the power to sway an audience. It’s your conviction that moves people in the room to believe what you believe. Your audience can see in your face and your gestures, and hear in your voice whether you believe what you’re saying. They take their cue from you.

Slides disrupt that connection between speaker and audience. That’s why they have always been less than ideal. And they’re even more of a letdown in today’s virtual environment, where people crave the human touch and want to connect with you.”

How can you become a more effective speaker or presenter online – without slides? How can you deliver more effective virtual live training?

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