Day 29 of MWL Daily

In Career Success: Five Things You Need To Swap In 2021 (Forbes, 3 Feb 2021), Petra Zink cites how Replacing Traditional With More Modern Learning is one of the things you need to swap

“Mark Gibson explains,

  • Our traditional concept of teaching = learning about the world 
  • New culture = learning through engagement within the world

That means that simply following the old ways of education/training and learning, a.k.a. going back to university to acquire another skill and officially being recognized as a fill-in-the-blank expert, doesn’t cut it anymore.

True learning and mastering of a skill in the future of work come down to taking “messive” (messy + massive) action while learning, involving peers in the activity and process, getting hands-on experience and evolving with the trends by being on the tools as the changes happen.”

Replacing views on traditional training with those on modern learning involves a big mindset change for many people, so how are you helping with this?

Are you just reinforcing old views of learning by focusing on providing traditional training OR are you helping your people shift their views about what LEARNING means in today’s world by enabling and supporting modern learning approaches?

Many people already think differently about learning today, as I’ve shown in the introductory section of MWL 2021 and where I’ve also explained L&D’s role for enabling and supporting modern learning. This section is free to view. It has recently been updated with new graphics.

Modern Training Part 1
1 – 26 March 2021

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